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Upgrading Kylin accessories to Fearless accessories Guide
Hello people,

In this small guide I will be teaching you how to upgrade your Kylin accessories to Fearless accessories.

It's a very simple once you have all the required items.

You will need the following:
  • 100k gold per Kylin accessory that you would like to upgrade

  • Fearless Emblem

[url=""][Image: emblem_zpsc739c173.png][/url]
  • Kylin accessory (ring and/or necklace)

[url=""][Image: ring_zps9bcd2ac3.png][/url] [url=""][Image: neck_zps04c7ea2e.png][/url]

You can obtain Fearless Emblems from Event Chests, Deathsoul Commander or exchange 25 Kylin cards for it at the NPC Fear (2211, 2705 - Ascaron) in Argent. You can buy them from players aswell. The price is estimated ~2 billion gold at the moment this guide was created (price may vary).

[url=""][Image: FearNPC_zpsafbf5800.png][/url]

There are two possible places where you can upgrade your Kylin accessory if you have all the above mentioned requirements.
  • At NPC Upgrader (19,102 Ascaron) in Demension Castle

[url=""][Image: Upgrader_zps10148d2a.png][/url]
  • At the Furnace of Immortality (3257,2501 Deep Blue) in Spring Town

[url=""][Image: FurnaceOfImmortality_zpsc1619aa7.png][/url]

To upgrade it you need to select Special set upgrade or Upgrade! depending to which NPC you're talking.

Put the items in the same order as below and press confirm.

[url=""][Image: upgradeneck_zpsf616e0e8.png][/url] [url=""][Image: Upgrade2_zps3c898205.png][/url]

Congratulations! You have upgraded your Kylin accesories succesfully.

[url=""][Image: upgradeneck2_zps6854d9ef.png][/url] [url=""][Image: Upgrade4_zps5825c9c5.png][/url]

And that's how easy this is. Piece of cake, right? The stats of your new Fearless accessory are:

[url=""][Image: FearlessRing_zps78061ce7.jpg][/url] [url=""][Image: fearlessneck_zps52b28adb.png][/url]

Have fun playing ROSO!
[url=""][Image: hardworkingkat1.jpg][/url]
Thanks again Katz for a great guide! We really appriciate the time and effort you put into those on staffs side <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />
where can we get kylin card..sorry am 6 days old XD
@wankaixXXXrebirth Kylin cards can be obtained in a3 from the mobs that spawn in that area (they have a 30 min respawn timer).
[Image: vAHOkybYQzKQWRxM87lezQ.png]
Mighty taco of justice [Image: BYqmm_UISYa31b_t0Gh8Tw.png]
You can also get the emblem from event chests, or other players fairly cheap. Collecting kylin cards for fearless acc is kind of pointless.
[Image: mystogan_signature_by_d3mon1c-d4sge0s.png]