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About Recent Downtime
Hey guys,

I apologize for the forums being down for so long but it is back now.

Sadly, our host's fucked up and the only backup available for the forum was from June 9th.

They claim that it was a fault on my end, which is complete bullshit.

Here is what happened.

Around August 29th-September 3rd forums was down and I tried to contact them to fix it. I could not login to my cPanel account which the forum was connected to. I did not get any reply from them until September 5th. There, they fixed my cPanel login and said that they were "mirgrating to a better server" and all services would be down for "a few hours until the DNS clears" I told them my service has been down for almost a week. The guy then apologizes so I said ok, whatever as long as it's working now. I login to my cPanel and I notice all the data that was being hosted there were gone(Forum files, Forum database, Item/Mob Site, Item/Mob Database). I message them again. No reply until September 9th. They stated AND I QUOTE

Quote:We have checked our logs and all other things and found that your account contains only these files which we have provided you, We also have checked our monthly backup, and found that , that backup also have same files (empty public_html). From our side we are clear that we have only these files.
I replied

Quote:Your going to tell me I have been paying every month for an empty web host? I do not know what you guys did, but my files were 100% on that webhost.

Before this whole deal started, I was using them just fine without any error, then you guys mess up my cPanel which I was unable to login for over a week, without ANY EXPLANATION of what is going on. I contacted you guys MULTIPLE times and didn't get a reply until 3 days ago when I saw your live support was online.

Check the bandwidth and disk space usage for Last time I checked the webalizer was in July and I am pretty damn sure thousands of visitors did not visit an EMPTY website.

(If you do not know, webalizer is a website tool to track the amount of people that visited your website)

Long story short: They fucked up and we gotta use a 2-3 month old backup of forum.

I apologize for the downtime of the forum and it should not happen again,

Dr Derick its always your fault for everything. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' /> Everyone knows this so they call your Erick
Now go fix icicle mirage <3
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