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An Old Player need an update about prices xD
So after a long time I didn't play ROSO and I plan to play it back XD but I need to sell some items but I don't know nowadays price. so I need some help here :c

the items that i want to sell are :-
Rage Bow +19 (Lv7 Ex Eye , Lv7 Striking , Lv5 Agg)
Rage Swords +18 both ( Lv9 Glare and Lv9 Rage)
Rage Boots Clean
Rage Armor clean
Rage Glove clean
Sage Armor 
Sage Glove
Sage boots
Rage Knife and Cutter low gemmed 
Lv150 Str Pet
Roso Rings low gemmed.

Very look forward for a help ! THANK YOU ! Smile
Smile Angel Wink
Well although it is in the general section so it doesn't really matter if it is a bit off-topic, you should probably head to the MarketPlace section under Sell and post there about your items. Buyers look at it from time to time and will give you some offers, giving you a good understanding about the current prices.
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Miss you both!!