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Poll: Would you like a ToP/RoSO Single-Player Campaign?
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An idea to breathe new life into ROSO
Hi everyone! I've been in love with ToP since 2008 and when the official client and servers started to die, I found many Private Servers and stayed in ROSO. However, gameplay became stale for me and I was never able to find the competitive aspect attractive. Many times I have downloaded the client, opened it, checked my character, and then uninstalled it right away because I don't feel I can do anything relevant, other than grind. SO, I'm bumping this old thread to ask: has anyone ever considered making a full single player campaign? Something where you log in and you are on your own -or you can bring your friends and go as a party-, you start from the ground up, and you complete the whole original lore (plus anything else you have added to it), from start to finish. Wouldn't that be awesome? I would definitely play the crap out of it. If I were programming-savvy, I would have already begun a project like that, but I have no idea how to do any of that. SO, I ask of you, dear admins, please, make a single player campaign! I hope SOMEONE SEES THIS! Thank you in advance!