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Guide on Contem Gems for Cape
Hi everybody,

I was wondering: is there a guide on what Contem Gems to use for Terror Cape? Haven't been able to find one here...

I wanna start forging on my crus, but not sure which gems to use; thinking about going for this: 
1. Fluega (+2% ph.atk ea)
2. Supree (-1% ph.def ea)

Should I put Blenaro, Treflum, Hynema or Argano?

Argano is only -10 PR at Lv5, which is not that much since everybody with 100+ PR won't even notice, probably.
Hynema may enable me to melee hit others better, but I haven't really had trouble with that anyway, using VIP (gloves 9agg/9lock).
I don't know what the difference is between Treflum and Blenaro: I understand Blenaro, since it's just -15 Hit Rate for each level, but what does +2% miss rate (Treflum) mean? I think it's weird, because missing is based on dodge/hit rate, right. Or does Treflum have an effect on missing skills, or something? So that, for example, Seal of Elder might miss and the SM will get the system message: "Seal of Elder has failed!" or something.

Help me out please, don't know what to decide :'(
(mostly because I just want to know what Treflum does)