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[Official] What do you want to see in the future of ROSO?!
Hi everyone, It's me Axel the God  Cool ! We are here today to see what you (The Players) want to see in the next few up coming patches! We need fresh ideas on what you guys and gals want to see happen! All feedback will be seen! We have noticed for a while our player count is getting lower and wish for you guys to tell us the reason why this is happening! We will post multiple polls on the forum for the upcoming patches seeing what you guys want the most! So submit your ideas below ,here are a few examples on the things you can ask for but you are NOT limited to these! Add exactly what you would like to see not just agree with the number!

1.Class Re-balancing
2.Adding new maps (with special functions and how it works including the opening times!)
3. Changing how some current maps work! 
4.New Farming methods and the rewards that are given from it! 
5.New ways to obtain items 
6.Changing the value of the award center and IGS 
7.Complete stat re-balance (changing high stats to lower stats like the game original was but a little higher, max max atk to 25k or ?? ) 
8.New equipment 
9.Higher max level
10.Better rewards for helping new players 
11.Daily login rewards
Axel;35118 Wrote:Hi everyone, It's me Axel the God  Cool  ! We are here today to see what you (The Players) want to see in the next few up coming patches! We need fresh ideas on what you guys and gals want to see happen! All feedback will be seen! We have noticed for a while our player count is getting lower and wish for you guys to tell us the reason why this is happening! We will post multiple polls on the forum for the upcoming patches seeing what you guys want the most! So submit your ideas below ,here are a few examples on the things you can ask for but you are NOT limited to these! 

1.Class Re-balancing
2.Adding new maps (with special functions and how it works including the opening times!) 3. Changing how some current maps work! 
4.New Farming methods and the rewards that are given from it! 
5.New ways to obtain items 
6.Changing the value of the award center and IGS 
7.Complete stat re-balance (changing high stats to lower stats like the game original was but a little higher, max max atk to 25k or ?? ) 
8.New equipment 
9.Higher max level
10.Better rewards for helping new players 
11.Daily login rewards
I Like To See New Ways To Obtain Items And New Farming Methods And The Rewards That Are Given From It Love You Axel Big Grin

And Daily Login Rewards If Can <3
Axel;35118 Wrote:Hi everyone, It's me Axel the God  Cool  ! We are here today to see what you (The Players) want to see in the next few up coming patches! We need fresh ideas on what you guys and gals want to see happen! All feedback will be seen! We have noticed for a while our player count is getting lower and wish for you guys to tell us the reason why this is happening! We will post multiple polls on the forum for the upcoming patches seeing what you guys want the most! So submit your ideas below ,here are a few examples on the things you can ask for but you are NOT limited to these! 

1.Class Re-balancing
2.Adding new maps (with special functions and how it works including the opening times!) 3. Changing how some current maps work! 
4.New Farming methods and the rewards that are given from it! 
5.New ways to obtain items 
6.Changing the value of the award center and IGS 
7.Complete stat re-balance (changing high stats to lower stats like the game original was but a little higher, max max atk to 25k or ?? ) 
8.New equipment 
9.Higher max level
10.Better rewards for helping new players 
11.Daily login rewards
1.- yeah, class re-balancing, Magic class too op, clers that can tank ad, ap and all the way here, at least make their shield way more weak. and dmg from carsise way too op, the master of swords is crussader, not carsise.

2.-& 3 i'd like to see something like, a tower of bosses, which u enter and u have to deal against 1 vs 1 without pots against bosses, like a TOT but with bosses instead (0 drop too)
and a map like CA but with party, i mean u can be from 2-5 but the reason of that is to win, the winner (party) gets a fight against a boss or something dropping something good (hydros fruits, minicontem, dunnow like Gb but with enought life to kill it in 10 min or so, so if they have not won in 5 min or less (fomenting pk) they won't be able to kill this boss)

8.- improve a bit vip, it's almost having a Rage or sage but with the buffs, which now u acquire in AC sale like nothing, plus prices are droping a lot

10.- the thing is that we have almost no new players it'll become like a new R-scout or so just to be farming while afk

11.- agree

it'd be nice to have a server vs GM like the original server, pd be way more strict with tweakers and so

and finally credits price dropped a lot too cause... people with 100+ acc getting 60k per day, block it per ip or something. Add better items in Imps sale too, with the cape u got a realy intense prices fight, if u can get that with others things, maybe more mallers will buy :p

1.Class Re-balancing
Not die for a combo of magic classes or for a hit of champ would be a dream, I would feel playing the old ROSO.. As it was formerly

4.New Farming methods and the rewards that are given from it! .
Seems excellent and totally essential, being no way "shit" because the items cost too much ( The players are kind of crazy ). And now farm forms are bad, and very tedious, And the market is dead

5.New ways to obtain items.
If it is something that puts the market in motion along with new ways of making money, it will be very good, the market is dead. No circulation.

6.Changing the value of the award center and IGS.
I can not give an opinion about this, I did not use IGS and credits a long time ago, I used it for about 4-5 years ago, when I could get credits and sell AZZ gems in Stall, it hits even a nostalgia: O

7. Complete stat re-balance
This is similar to item 1, a junction of 2 would be fine, if you understand me.

8.New equipment.
If you add a new form of farm and a total re-balance of classes that are really efficient.. Because if you launch a new equipment, it will probably cost more than 2t, ROSO people are crazy. And currently a poor little guy can not even get a VIP. And the difference from a VIP to a RAGE is huge, I wonder if you put something stronger than the VIP without a very good balance. I'm scared just thinking.

9. Higher max level.
What would that be? Increase the maximum level even more? If it is, it seems unnecessary. 175 is good

10.Better rewards for helping new players.
It seemed to me to be the same as in item 4. Only difference is if item 4 is for all players ( no idea ), and this appas for beginners ( no idea ). I did not understand how it would be, but it sounds good to me.

11.Daily login rewards
Sounds good, I have no idea what it could be. If it is not crap of course.

Not adding any NPC like that one of achievements, that is horrible.

And this speed movement really is very fast, SS mainly, And the teleport does not stunt. rip me

Edit**** It would be interesting for PK similar to before, not reaching any player and killing everyone with practically 1 HIT in each, and running like a jet, would give to do an interesting work in group.

Edit**** I do not know why players have such high stats. Previously I could go X1 against magic / champ, the advantage was clearly theirs, because they had abilities that took my HP, and I hit only 32, but I could battle against them, and get in the middle of several of them! Now I die for almost a bolt. No grace and no emotion
Big Grin Cool   [Image: PrUjWoV.png] Big Grin Tongue  
Axel i wish u guys could make the Roso energy card infinite or quit it forever is very annoying

second make pk more fair for magic classes in BH,CS,CT this game is for cruss, ss and champ in the mazes xD for real my voy almost full makes like 5k damage each conch in CS and BH, Clerics also are poop inside a maze that will motivate people to go Mazes with magic.

Other thing if there is a way to let all illegal tweaks without working with a tweak scanner pk would be more fair, u could just let camera, Skill tweak and gem for gem makers

Also more PK events VS Staff, Like in Bar, CA, CS, DW, CT.  Cool
New app's 

New ways to get money

and change the IGS/Award Center prices
1. reduce magic skill stun, increase 10x slash for crus to like 200x so it does some damage, increase 25x headshot to 60x. Remove melee stun, or read #7. If melee stun got removes then champs could stand to lose some attack speed and max and even defense, magics def could be lowered since they wouldnt have to worry about getting perma stunned from melee, and crus and SS would be more relevant in pking magics as they have the best ways to stun/seal magics.
2. 1 hit map, no skills, no pots. Change CA to FFA, old top1 CA
3. quest to get a ticket to go to a special area to get new gems/armor stat upgrade/new set, with time limit in place and limit of how many quests you can do a week with IP/account limits so people can finish quest on 10 characters and keep entering all day.
4. #3
5. award center should have potion and manu packs removed, or increased to like 100k credits because as it is now too many people have stacks on stacks of potions because they are so cheap. Also, with the removal of AC sales, or with more time inbetween when theyre done.
7. Anti-VIP set, set that is immune to melee stun, gets sage buffs, with same stats as VIP, or something like that. Melee stun kind of ruins pk because of the lock down.
8. I dont think higher level is needed unless new skills are goign to be added, and i think new skills should be held of until the current situation is more balanced.
10. daily log in chest, 1 per IP daily.
Rewards list:
2% 5x wyvern frags
5% 5x 1b note
3% 1x special ticket to farm place
10% 1x card to exchange for 1x fearless set piece
3% 1x 126 pet of choice (no con)
10% 3x reforge scroll
5% 5x 100% forge/combine fruit
2% 1x NEW 100% upgrade set fruit
60% nothing at all
Is just a quick list i put together, but could also put more lower items at lower rates, but either way i think there should be AT LEAST a 50% chance to fail to get nothing. Could also make a thing that you turn in online hours to get a chest so you dont have to just log in once a day foir 5 seconds to get, instead of credits.
All in all I think a new server with different stats would be best where within the new server stats are more like regular top1 with a bonus to make getting level and gear easier. Like DSO used to be basically.
[Image: mystogan_signature_by_d3mon1c-d4sge0s.png]
1.Class Re-balancing
 - I don't find this one necessary, maybe a little better adjustment for magic classes to be more efficient when inside Chaos Maps

2.Adding new maps (with special functions and how it works including the opening times!) 
 - I'll say a Guild War Map would be good. Map will open every 3 days with 2 session (Day and Night) so the members will have time prepare. The Guild should have a minimum of 20 participating members (with different MAC/IP Addresses to prevent rich players from taking advantage of it). And to make sure that players would participate on the guild war, a very good reward to whoever wins the Guild War like getting x10 10% EXP Scrolls, x3 Wyvern/Raid Shards, Lv7+ Ex Gems or whatnot.

Additional note on this: I understand how complex would this be when doing the back-end job of programming conditions but I'm sure that it would worth it.

3. Changing how some current maps work!
 - I have no suggestion here.

4.New Farming methods and the rewards that are given from it! 
 - A method that will allow players to automatically obtain items (like credit tokens) when they kill a certain amount of players inside Arena Maps.

5.New ways to obtain items 
 - Probably make some Equipment obtainable once a complex quest has been completed - the more rewarding the more interesting.

6.Changing the value of the award center and IGS 
 - Not necessary

7.Complete stat re-balance (changing high stats to lower stats like the game original was but a little higher, max max atk to 25k or ?? ) 
 - I support this changes, the more in-line it is with the official game, the better. 

8.New equipment 
 - I think it's better to add this in the future but not now. Without good amount of players playing, i don't find this necessary.

9.Higher max level
 - Same with #8. 

10.Better rewards for helping new players 
 - Maybe a referral system? If someone were able to successfully invite a new player.

11.Daily login rewards
 - Surely this one will attract more players to go online like what Mystogan said.
[Image: 6rqzgx.jpg]  

Lol make magic Class way less OP than they are.

* Close Ct Map so people will go CA and make Roso Good Again,!!!!!

*Re-balancing will not be good because ROSO was great before.

* People just dont wanna be the strongest now.

*Debuff Raid Dragon because ROSO is sad to say "Dead" and people sometimes dont have teamwork lols.

*New Equipments will be great but will make Rage,Sage, Fear, Vip lose value than they already are .

*New Appareal Would be Nice

I see many people dont want ct to exist. But there is a reason why people are going for ct and not ca. These are mostly newbies who cant survive in ca. So remove ct will not solve the problem!

GM my recommendation are below to help gain more player

Introduce more social media events- likes, shares to obtain prizes

Do more frequent forum event as well and gm needs to be active in forum, new player often check active forum before joining

Stop adding levels!! New player do not come to this server just to level up all day

More method to obtain lv150 pet- if i a newbie has 126 pet vs 175 - with poss that is a 100 stat difference - u want to make maller strong but not too strong- thats why nobody goes to ca

Nobody does tot now!!! Just pro player with 3 client and they farm to sell to newbies who cant afford !! How are newbies suppose to get to level 7 cape if nobody is doing tot? Introduce reward system for those who have level 7 cape so that if they party and help those without level 7cape they get some kind of reward.

I suggest stop introducing new pk maps as pro player are already complaining no one does pk. Instead maybe even reduce pk map for them to participate. There should only be 3 main focus pk map for lv 135, 150 and 175. Perhaps changes come pk maps into party maps, where it is to be fight alongside with guildmates.(but dont do this unless the guild problem is fixed- see below!!)

More incentive for guild who recruit more members. If u have a look almost all new player are without guild. How are they going to grow without support from guild? As of now most guild are formed with a few active close friends. Make some guild event and set the minimum member they are required to recruit to participate. This can form bigger and more active guild. We dont want  alot of inactive guild. We want to encourage guild leader to fill up their guild with active new players, not just their alternate or sub characters.

Lastly hopefully u remove the rb4 master tele skill to be open by master neck. New player are already forced to buy the over priced rb4 chest and now they have to buy or borrow master neck to get the master tele skill? Please change this.

I think roso can be a great server if the above is attend to. As for class balance there will always be ss complaining cruz, cruz complaining about ss, champ about magic and magic about champ. Its never endless i dont see a balancing requirement unless one class is really too op.
1.Class Re-balancing
- Magic Class HP/Def is too high, and their damage in CA/BH etc. too low
2.Adding new maps (with special functions and how it works including the opening times!)
- I think there are enough maps as it is, sometimes nobody even wins CA, for example. It would be nice to renew Lone Tower and do something with that, though.
3. Changing how some current maps work! 
- Maybe replace the BD Mobs that appear in CA to other mobs with better drops, and give rewards to everybody in the party (of different IPs) that wins such maps. Also: add drops like 10m notes (±10% droprate) to normal mobs of FC/DS/DW.
4.New Farming methods and the rewards that are given from it!
- See #3, plus maybe some more mini-events like the occasional spawning of Elder Wyvern, but with different mobs that drop nice stuff like Wyvern Shards, and make all bosses drop Demi-ROSO Coin (±10% chance)
5.New ways to obtain items 
- See #3 and #4, but maybe also improve the drops of FC Chests and Sparkling Wishing Stone (from 5x Dark Wishing Stone & 1x Welding Catalyst from Meteorite mining, now the only useful thing you get is Gyoza)
6.Changing the value of the award center and IGS 
- Maybe a few more auctions (with fewer items) would be nice, so not just during events. Also: more flash sales with IGS, like RMG Chest for 600 IGS during 30 mins or something.
7.Complete stat re-balance (changing high stats to lower stats like the game original was but a little higher, max max atk to 25k or ?? )
- Could be nice, but priority is to make magic classes less overpowered in DW, for example
8.New equipment 
- A set that's actually useful for SS would be nice, because now both Rage and Sage sets aren't quite what you want
9.Higher max level
- There's gotta be an extremely awesome (yet super rare) way to level up beyond Lv175 and up to Lv200 then. Maybe incorporate an IP-thing in this and that you have to help players Lv135-149 level up in Abbadon or something.
10.Better rewards for helping new players
- Maybe promote the forum more so that people will actually consult it before asking all kinds of questions in World/Trade channel. Then expand the feature of reputation/kudos and that way people earn credits, for example (again, with IP check of course)
11.Daily login rewards
- Awesome! Just make them repeat every 7 days or every month, with boring prices like 1x 100m note on the first day but raising up to Famous Cakes and Lv9 Refining Gems for 7 days, for example. Especially for new players, these items are extremely valuable and helpful (again, with IP check?)

Other ideas:
- Reward players who make good and detailed guides about stuff that is not explained very well yet in previous "guides" (e.g. Sacred War, Maze), which then become "official" guides and are placed on the website (with maps).
- Make a Money-Exchange NPC where you can exchange your money for all kinds of notes, not just in 100m = 1x 100m Note but also 500m = 5x 100m Note, etc.
- Lower the HP of Ancient Behemoth (sea boss) - its drops are awesome but it's just too hard. Maybe make it 500,000 instead of 706,000?
- This may be too much to ask but: enable us to make stalls in which people can exchange 50x 1 Billion Note for our Lv150 Strength Pet, for example: kind of like the ROSO Coin Exchanger, that system.
- Reward players who do more damage in Raid or who revive/heal more different people (or IPs) with better rewards. Sometimes I only get 1 Raid Shard even though I greatly helped seal, heal and revive during entire Raid, while others who didn't really do much got 1x Raid Shard and 1x Wyvern Shard, for example.
- Make Revival Clovers, Magical Clovers and Voodoo Puppets stackable to 400
- Enable us to abandon Guild missions
- Improve the rewards for Alphabet Cards during events: it's super hard to get 10x SAGE or RAGE and even harder to get 10x SORO or ROSO, but the rewards are pretty useless. Maybe make it (at least) 50% EXP and add Lv4 Manu Pack and Potion Pack, for example. Also, other combinations of letters so that the letters we get aren't completely useless.
- Add locations for monsters or bosses on (not coordinates necessarily, but at least the map(s) they occur in)
- Make it easier to obtain master skills (rebirth system is perfect, imo, but for newer players it's such a drag to get a master neck or dark neck)
- Give crusaders something to compensate the removal of stun on master teleport, they are useless against SS now because they cant stun anymore: my advice: crus can do energy web
- Lower the chances of getting stunned on melee by VIP/Kylin/Rage effect etc.
- Make terror capes and 4th rebirth stone transferable with Item Transfer Letter

As a relatively new player (joined exactly 2 months ago), I thought these suggestions would have helped me a lot to get started quicker (as an experienced TOP2 player). I did, however, read all the guides and searched the forum frequently, but unfortunately not all newbies do that.

Here's a potato doing Conch Ray, because you managed to read all of this:
[Image: 8TcrS3AkPS-14.png]
* no idea what "HADOUKEN" means, I just stole this using Google somewhere.
Hello everyone

First of all I would like to say one thing before starting with my suggestions, I love the server as any player who has dedicated time to it, but today it is a waste and is dead. But the main fault in this game and I do not mean this server in general, is that they divide or make DIFFERENCES between players in both the pk and the ways / possibilities to farm, but that I will explain in my points.

- Balance ?: It might be a good idea if you think about it carefully, to reduce the maximum stats to something similar like CT Stats but maybe with less ASPD for example of 50-65% would make more sense in a pk, where they can help In team since even with tele skill or without (As it is currently), it would not be useful to win the first click if they do not think with strategy, but let's be honest in ROSO there is not alot of active players so since there is not a lot of PK, this would be an idea for the future.

- About Thundra / ToT: I know the map was made to be a map for newbies in which they left it once their progress improved and they found a way to establish themselves in the game, but from the first day there are lazy ones who prefer to pass Hours killing mobs for a little money. You could do a version of thundra without restrictions of level or gems, and the normal version, but with a very notorious difference, that of newbies gave ex bd gems scrolls lv2, 3 and in the mobs give 100m notes instead of 10m notes, only 100m notes, and thundra with restrictions give 50m notes and bd gems scrolls lv2,3.

But about ToT would not say anything about this as it is my favorite map to farm, but would modify something that would make the players play it more and make it easier to find IGS sellers, maybe  modifying certain values of what is most used in the ig shop, and adding weekly offers that (10 raid shards, 10 wyvern shards, pk potions (manu, pots packs) where they cost, for example, different values that are not cheap either, but that made people buy and need IGS more. And on terror cape, raise your level to Level 10, but that the 3 new levels use a high amount of capes + 1 catalyst per level.
For example :
Level 8: 1000 Unseal cape crystal
Level 9: 2000 Unseal cape crystal
Level 10: 4000 Unseal cape crystal

And Catalysts (which will add their respective amount depending on how they are used)

Catalyst of attack: increases 1000 of max attack
Speed Catalyst: increases aspd / mov speed by 50
Catalyst of defense: increases 1500 def
Magic Catalyst: Increases 8000 SP

Then an example of what would be a customizable terror cape would be something like that (since they could be mixed)

terror cape level 10 + 15

"X" contem lv5
"X" contem lv5
"X" contemlv5

Catalyst of attack lv3:

Increases max attack by 3000

Or for example like this:

terror cape lv 10 + 15

"X"contem lv5
"X" contem lv5
"X" contem lv5

Catalyst of attack lv1
Speed Catalyst lv2:

Increases max attack by 1000
Increases 100 from aspd / mov speed

So players would need new layers and new catalysts that would be at a decent price in IG SHOP (About 5k + Igs) and Item Mall.

Extra: Maybe adding new gems for neck and rings that are only obtainable in IG Shop, that would force people to depend on IGS and would go back to farming and buying, and the money would be constant.

- About the apparels: The game itself is already soooo old, which sometimes visually bores and MUCH, everyone would like new ingame weapons for any class and apparels.

My idea is to eliminate lines in iteminfo on mobs in sea that currently have no purpose and sets lv10,20,30,40,50 + of all classes that were farmed in the original tales of pirates, but here they DO NOT meet any Purpose, erase very old apparels or broken models, like all those who have the texture of newbie set, empty lines like those could add new apparels that simply "is not that they are soooo new, but that they are not only in the variety of apps In ROSO and enable the new Custom cards, people love the personalized apparels and I include myself.

Returning to the issue of divisions in the game I referred to Fc, DS, CT mainly
It is no use dividing players into so many divisions if in the long run, it just ruins the pk of one MAP or another, so my idea is simply to remove those maps or unlock the level restriction for those maps (I plan to focus At this point later). (But close CT, since that first destroyed the AC pk)

The best thing is to keep all the server playing a single map of PK, at least the idea of CS is good, but it is still another map that is not used since they persist with the divisions of ranges ..., an unique map as CA would do, and force the server that if they want pk at that time to have to work on items / gems fit for that map.

- Delete Battle royal, no one enters and is currently useless.

Increase cooldown on all stealth related skills, but give them the opportunity for all classes to have stealth and lasts longer. (Magics do not play not because their stats stink or do not hurt, but because as some decent classes or stealth's they do not waste their time coming in to die) But what I'm going to do is if they add a decent stealth to all The classes but also improve the time in being able to use stealth as in classes (crus, ss) where it takes more time to reuse them, thus they would not be abusing the whole map of stealth PK or bless potions.

- Remove boss tier 3+

Nobody farm them and they are so difficult and sometimes disappear that nobody loses time in that, nor in tier 2, sincerely the most logical thing would be that they improve the drop of tier 1 and only exists that boss only, but that the drop it receive In the inventory, than the last hit since sometimes the drop disappears or bugs.

- Wyvern SET!

I have always thought that ROSO has many ways to get good items, but there are people who simply do not check anything external to what is "ingame", so that they can have a goal of being able to make a good set through a particular map would be entertaining. This would help weaker players have a way to participate in the main PK maps.

The set could have stats similar to the VIP Set but give less defense and PR but have other points in favor, such as its speed (aspd or movspeed), (high odds that buffee for a few seconds damage the enemy as it does The Bottle of tears hydros) But in a smaller amount.

How to make it?

Implementing a New Dungeon map

In which it is a dungeon that has an entrance limit for example (15-20 players)

Where it has floors in which it is necessary to advance miniquests in those same maps (example killing a quantity of mobs, to advance to the next floor) arriving to mini bosses (that had drop rate of 1 raid shard and 1 wyvern shard) and that to To reach the Raid BOSS, had an impressive attack damage but not a life like the current raid bosses, if not a more balanced HP, where if you die you reappear in the same room as the boss. But when the Raid Boss died, give each player's inventory (by IP) between 1 and 3 wyvern shards to create the set.

Thus the guilds could gather fragments to create parts of the new Set, as they would ask for the following values:

Wyvern armor: 40 wyvern shard
Wyvern gloves: 40 wyvern shard
Wyvern boots: 40 wyvern shard

These same ones could be used to create the new Wyvern hat!

That the dungeon could be performed every 24 hours. That there were 3 types of dungeons, with different bosses and animations) one of each main city (argent, shaitan, icicle)

Some examples of bosses for these dungeons:

[Image: ffc58cecef.png]
[Image: ef897498e7.png]
[Image: e26b3c7645.png]
[Image: 5e8f49373b.png]

- A new PK Map such as:

Eternal abbadon (I'll do the example based on this map but it can be another map)

In which the Map opens every 6 hours, and the portal is located in one of the main cities (icicle, shaitan, argent) and when opening the other portals of CS, CA, CT do not open.

In which the portal lasts 25 minutes open, and the map closes at 45 minutes.

A map based on which the defense and PR count but that these are not as in sands or kyjj, but that they are reduced to 50% for example, thing that other classes can do damage although it is not great but that an SS For example can damage an SM or a CHAMP.

Where at the end of the map is located A Boss with HP similar to a blackdragon but more powerful perhaps, which guilds and players fight for the drop of that boss, both in the starting area of ??the map defending, as well as in the area Of the boss, trying to do damage and taking care of the drop, that this had a 100% rate of (3 raid shards and 3 wyvern shards) and that the drop will win the last hit.

So guilds and players who do not usually go to maps like CA, would be on a map that is suitable for meeles and magics working together for a common good.

A quest would be enough to earn an amount of money for IP, for example 3-5b in which you must kill a quantity of mobs.

-New skills or readjustments in some skills?

1: That the illusion of crusader slash had a damage of 30k + damage
2: That the skills of voy have more damage in maps like CA / CS / BH, but that consume much SP.
3: That the clerics can use the crystal blessing skill on enemies, or something like a full body explosion that is like the self destruct but will completely use its SP to do tremendous damage.
4: That the Champs had a skill that reduces to 25% the damage in damage that receives for 5+ seconds.
5: The SS have a stun skill to immobilize an enemy for a few seconds.
6: That the SealMaster have a skill similar to almighty uproar but that has 100 or 75% chances of working in which the whole nearby area is affected both sealing the attack and the skills, and reduce its speed.
7: A Skill in which the Merchants have a 10+ second increase in Dodge that support up to the SS hit rate.

With a cooldown that allows not to abuse these skills clear, but that was an aid for certain classes in PK + Stealth for all classes (Cloak). But that once they use the skill this takes in loading 1 min +.

- Reduce movement speed on PK

- Add a timer on the firesales

- Runic Sigil

One thing was to completely eliminate the chances of stun on master teleport, but now with less chance on ministun (rage effect) does not make sence as much speed of aspd and mov speed if all relying on the bless potion, maybe a balance like CT stats but with less aspd nd less mov speed. Now CA looks like a race track, seeing who runs faster without any sense of strategy.

As I said ,if they do not do something about the range divisions they do in the game (CT and CA), I would never change anything, for more updates they do, it will remain the same.

Hello, Here few ideas:

1.Class Re-balancing:
1. Balancing Champ Skill ( Primal Rage - it kills in 1 shoot on CA.. ) else Balancing Merch at CA/BH/CS.. way to much dodge when is on agi mode, crus are unable to kill it.

2.Adding new maps (with special functions and how it works including the opening times!)
2. Removing Arenas 1-2-3 ( they useless ).. And add a function on MvsM - 1vs1 at Bar. Like sometimes winning random things when winning the match.
Else add a Map challenge which needs 3 to 5 players on team to register for the challenge ( diff ips ) to go and kill a random boss which drops something new than others.. random mobs which drops something new than others.. ( like the mobs will be available just for 2mins, but they drop good stuffs ) and bosses until they done or until map closes ( map time 15min ).

3. Changing how some current maps work!:
3. Changing map prizes ( like almost all has same prizes, CS must give a new item when killing a person, like Wyvern or Raid Fragments? random? per kill, its every 3h map so would be good. )

4.New Farming methods and the rewards that are given from it!:
4. If you add the Map Challenge as i said on 2nd Answer, this wont be needed.

5.New ways to obtain items:
5. Add quests for Abaddon Mine 1-2-3? which gives items that can be collected to get Items like Hydro / Rage / Sage / Raid And Wyvern Shards/Gr8 Bags or even Vip. ( Editing mobs hp/def/atk, make the other side of argent more active Big Grin ). More ways = more reasons to farm, like if you get bored with one, you'll try the other.

6.Changing the value of the award center and IGS:
6. I think they fine, but new things must be added on IGSshop, like new custom apparels ( its been long time since last apps ).

7.Complete stat re-balance (changing high stats to lower stats like the game original was but a little higher, max max atk to 25k or ?? ):
7. This wouldn't be Bad, but i think you would have to work alot, like changing every boss/mob hp/def/atk/skill dmg even the balance of classes would take time.. so i think its good atm.

8.New equipment
8. No. every new equipment makes players leave. They give up farming since pro players doesnt let them farm. ( Atm its fine ). Only if you add equipments for new players then good.

9.Higher max level:
9. If it was me i would decrease the max Lvl to 100 or 120. ( So none of new player would think of lvling that Much til 175 which is so hard and needs lot of time ). You can still keep the abbadon 1-4 to lvl for 100-120, but trust me it would be better.

10.Better rewards for helping new players:
10. Like i said at 5-th Quest..

11.Daily login rewards:
11.Random 1x Raid or Wyvern Shard ( Not Fragment ) Hydro Fruit, gr8 bag and bunch of things that are kinda hard to get ( 1x of random one each day you log ).

And the most important one is: Deleting Stealth for SS.. Why? Bcz there is no Master Tele, which gives the advantage to SS to kill easier, It moves faster than any other class, it can pk from the distance, ( Bcz of that, even original TOP didnt had Stealth for SS, which made the perfect balance on PK maps for every class ).
This game is dying because you guys(roso staff) still are changing things on roso.

We know you are the owners but, we are the players who plays every day on this server , poll for no master tele stun? ,but not a poll for less mini stun chances?

I know on every update you are trying to improve the game, but on somethings is the opposite and old players are leaving the game for this reasons, many changes on few months.

so yeah if this horribles updates continue(sorry about that but is my opinion) there is no return 
keep the active players or even catch new players/mallers.

My suggestion:

just improve the ways to farm for new players, new items on those farm maps.

A quest to get x1 rage/sage upgrade stone.

update apparel storage, players like how looks chars ingame, new players can join on this server if has more coolest apps.

Stop changing everything on pk, because now with this new pk updates ct nd ca are almost all day on zero.

no tele chances okay, cooldown on pots/manu okay, but seriously now are you ruining the ministun? go and test yourself alone on a pk map, not with a team, alone try to do something, without manu or bless.

close arenas,ct.

kyyjj 1,2,3 is useless "new players try to farm ex gems with lowww rate" on a pk map where stupid overpowereds players are killing those new players.

i joined on roso because was the original server who made high aspd nd mov speed nd master tele skill , now after 5 years when is dying you guys just decide to ruining everything?

Also mostly all active old pkers from roso are banneds , is impossible to get an active community.

Most important suggestion: Rage update your staff members, you need active staff with fresh ideas and who loved roso, i'm not saying Axel or Elixir are bad staff members but seriously 
every administration on this world in real life need fresh members with fresh ideas, new faces.

ROSO Staff needs one

thats all.
na its suck pk need teleport and mini stun fuck stop axel or u nob ajjajaja or delete fbs lv 4 and bles suck jajajaj Big Grin old time in roso, instead of improving the pk they kill him
Roso was better without changes rip rip rip
People arent leaving because of new stuff, they are leaving because there is nothing to do. I am at the point in ROSO where there is NOTHING for me to do anymore. I have max gems everything, a set for each class pretty much, and pk is basically parties of 5 to kill me, or logging magics. I have fought a crus with a crus, they lost and they logged a voy, and sm to kill my crus.
[Image: mystogan_signature_by_d3mon1c-d4sge0s.png]
Hello, I would like to propose these ideas to recover a lot of ROSO as such, since it has been affected in recent days and therefore it is necessary to do something about it since this continues, the server could close. I will leave some proposals that can be taken into account:
1. A weekly special event to get a cash amount of 1-5b, this event can be done 3 times a week by the IP player, to avoid "abuses" as they say, to complete the event or Quest, you need to kill Some kind of mobs or look for any particular item.
2. Improve the quality of all bosses, because as you know, these bosses have lost a lot of importance, it's not like before, everyone expects to kill them etc ... then I intend to improve [%] Drop of these. It's annoying Spend some of your time killing them to get junk. Next I propose to add, for example, the following arituclos to obtain: Wyvern x1-3 (45% drop rate), Hydros fruits x3-7 (45% drop rate), Gr8t Bags X1 -3 (30% drop), 100b notes (drop rate 10%) ....
3. Add the rage and sage sets, rage and sage weapons and pets 126 into a npc for new players. Well, as you can tell, these teams are very devalued, no one buys them and things like that, also these should be removed from the item store and you should also add to a set better than the VIP set to be able to balance sets In that sense
4. Add a special mission to get a new item that gives you better stats, such as a new RB wings, but to get these new wings, you would have to do many things, such as: kill bosses like the Kraken (needed edit it), To get specific objects, and complete specific PK missions, among others ..... This has to do with the purpose of reliving the times when I needed help to complete the mission As with Rb 4, but these wings are harder, and I also think this would bring a lot of life to the game, because it would have something new and something that would distract you while having fun.
5. It would be great if they put a weekly event, like dropping notes x5 100b. But the managers can not be online all the time, I propose this solution, is to put a specific boss to respawn at a specific time for each day of the week (Monday to Friday), for example: [Boss] Wyvern Dragon, [Respawn Time]: 2 Pm Server Time, [Drop Rate]: 100%, [Drop Element]: x1 Notes 100b. The fall will be random, anyone can take it, no matter if you attack first or if you have the last blow to kill it, that does not matter and your luck will come into play to see if you can get the prize.

Thanks for your attention, I hope this can help the server.
no1 was complaining bout tele 100% and now u removed it u fuckd it up,make tele back 100% make events in fb to call new players,remove useless arenas kyjj1-2 a1-3 make this all in one map,and revive ds\fc\ct
Thanks for all the suggestions, keep them coming!!! We will be adding a few of the suggestions on the next patch or two. We will also be making a topic with some of the suggestions to see what you guys want the most in the next few days so keep an eye out for that! We hope you guys will keep posting suggestions so we can put out patches everyone (or most people) want! So as I said above PLOX keep posting more suggestions YOU ARE NOT LIMITED TO ANSWER THE EXAMPLES I GAVE!!! YOU CAN GIVE TOTALLY NEW IDEAS ON WHAT YOU WAN TO SEE ADDED!!!!!!!

Axel the God Exclamation  Big Grin Cool Wink

- New colors on hairstyle npc
- New apps and weapons apps
- Custom cards
- Update rewards from totem event (x1 Hydros fruits,x20 raid/wyvern frags,exp scrolls,100m notes).
- disable restriction level on FC and update drops on bosses nd mobs.
- Make an special event where just one day on the month the first 3 players who mall for example
30.000 or 40.000 imps receive a bonus x2.5
and this prizes:

1st place: 50 wyvern shards
2nd place: 25 wyvern shards
3rd place: 15 wyvern shards and 15 raid shards

- More monthly events in social networks (twitter,facebook)
- Close arenas and kyjj maps.
- Special Maller glow(+10 all stats) so future mallers who bought over 10.000 imps get that glow(can be an item non tradeable for temporary bag).
- Update guild wars or change the mode to a pk map where you need a full party
to fight against another party without days restrictions and no damage/defense buff just better rewards like 5b notes for each member on the winner party and that pk map just got 10 attemps per day.
- Close CT nd Update rewards on CA(soro and roso chest is kinda old)
- Change Ca monthly rank to weekly CA rank(7 days) with less amounts on the prizes :

1st place: 5 wyvern shards, 5 raid shards, 50b cash, rmg/smg lv3
2nd place: 3 wyvern shards, 3 raid shards 25b cash, rmg/smg lv2
3rd place: 1 wyvern shard, 2 raid shard, 15b cash, gr8 gem lv3

- Make monthly guild ranking:
the system count the amount of kills of each guild member on (ca,cs,bh,guild war)
so the 3 best guilds who get more kills on total get this prizes:
1st place: 10 wyvern shards, 10 raid shards, x3 contem voucher lv4, x3 gr8 gem voucher lv5.
2nd place: 7 wyvern shards, 7 raid shards, x2 contem voucher lv3, x2 gr8 gem voucher lv4.
3rd place: 5 wyvern shards, 5 raid shards, x1 contem voucher lv2, x1 gr8 gem voucher lv3.

The prize can be send to guild leader account also those 3 guilds , get a damage nd defense buff for the next 7 days when the guild leader receive and exchange the monthly prize.

-Add weekly events with Roso/Soro chest lv4 and Ascendant chest on main citys

-Add weekly events with rage/sage chests, weapons and amount of crystal capes to help new players(drop event, hide nd seek)

-Add monthly event  top3 voters with rewards to players who do more votes on the month(those players who wasting time voting on 100+ accounts)

- Change Eldern wyvern dragon to new  pk map and new drops(x3 wyvern shards,x8 gr8 bags,x8 contem bags) that map can be each 8 hours with a portal on winter island nd the portal is open  for 30 mins and the map close on the minute 50.

- R-scout monthly ranking (rewards to player who invited more players on a month, but checking IP´s, because some players just make alts and stay afk to do r-scout way)

Also ROSO without master tele stun isnt roso, back to 100% (because players are leaving the game for this reason)
Just decrease balance and aspd because the pk is fast sometimes without fun(less aspd maybe).

Change cooldown on stealth of Crusaders,Sharshooters: on Cloak skill(SS) you only need 50 seconds to use again stealth, people always are on stealth on PK maps, maybe if is possible up to 1 min, 30 seconds maybe so if one player attack someone can´t use on the same time stealth or a restriction when stealth is break (maybe a restriction to use stealth again for 1 min or 2 min if stealth breaks).

Thank for your time.