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[NEED HELP] Guide for LVL 135+
I am new to this game. I have read full roso guide before and some of the info doesn't seem to apply to current time.  

what gear do you need for a crusader to be alive in dark forest? +18,+24,+++?
do you need to rebirth to 4 to get stronger??
where can you farm for roso/soro, ex bd gem, great gem?
ive seen people with non-npc bought pet? how do you get them?
everyone seem to have a skill that make them glow?
how do you make your weapon glow?

Thanks, KRUS.
1. Magic classes are best for dark forest as they do aprox 10x more dmg to the mobs inside dark forest than any other map. (voy is the best)/ For crusaders it would take around 5.5k-7k def to tank all the mobs BUT Stone Dragon does have a true dmg skill that does around 6k dmg
2. Yes 4th rb gives you more stats after 3rd rb
3. ROSO/SORO Gems can be farmed in Areana 1 from the chest that spawn every hour and in Kyjj 2 from the chest that spawn// EXE BD Gems can be farmed in Kyjj 3 from the bd mobs // Great gems drop at multiple bosses like DW 2 boss
4. If you are speaking about the august pets they can be exchanged for any other 2nd gen pet at the pet seller through the option that says exchange pet
5. Some items like Master Neck and VIP sets give special glows.
6. Most Weps on ROSO don't have glows by defult as it would cause more visual lag but we will soon offer to choose to enable glows client side.