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[Guide] Accessory Gems
Hi all,

I was searching for all the accessory gems neatly put together but couldn't find such a guide. So, I decided to make one myself so that both you and I can take a look at the possiblities Smile

Since I'm new myself I might have made a mistake, if you found one (or think the classes should be different), please let me know!

  • Justice's Look (NPC)
    +2 critical hitrate
  • Honor's Cap (NPC)
    +15 defense
  • Sage's Power (NPC)
    +10 SP Recovery Rate
  • Rage's Power (NPC)
    +12 HP Recovery Rate
  • Fleeing Shadow (CA)
    +8 dodge
  • Blinding Wind (CA)
    +2 agi
  • Broken Sage (CA)
    +2 spr
  • Improved Archer (CA)
    +2 acc

  • Storm's Lab (NPC)
    +150 HP
  • Mage's Power (NPC)
    +120 SP
  • Warrior's Speed (CA)
    +5 Movement Speed
  • Knight's Power (CA)
    +2 str
  • Tank's Buff (CA)
    +2 con

  • Crus:
    R: Honor's Cap, Improved Archer/Fleeing Shadow, Rage's Power/Justice's Look
    N: Warrior's Speed, Tank's Buff, Knight's Power
  • Champ:
    R: Honor's Cap, Improved Archer, Rage's Power/Justice's Look
    N: Warrior's Speed, Tank's Buff, Knight's Power
  • Merchant:
    R: Honor's Cap, Blinding Wind, Fleeing Shadow
    N: Warrior's Speed, Tank's Buff, Knight's Power
  • SS:
    R: Improved Archer, Justice's Look, Honor's Cap
    N: Warrior's Speed, Tank's Buff, Storm's Lab
  • Cleric:
    R: Broken Sage, Sage's Power, Honor's Cap
    N: Tank's Buff, Warrior's Speed, Mage's Power/Storm's Lab
  • SM:
    R: Broken Sage, Sage's Power, Honor's Cap
    N: Tank's Buff, Warrior's Speed, Mage's Power/Storm's Lab
  • Voy:
    R: Broken Sage, Sage's Power, Honor's Cap
    N: Tank's Buff, Warrior's Speed, Mage's Power/Storm's Lab
+1, nice detail to have.
[Image: vAHOkybYQzKQWRxM87lezQ.png]
Mighty taco of justice [Image: BYqmm_UISYa31b_t0Gh8Tw.png]
Gems.. Well, I don't know about guides but I can give you my thoughts. For gems, if I were you, I would focus on getting the ones from Toma at the start. Then slowly replace them. First slow you can easily replace at level 204 with Minerva gems. You have to craft these, and they are more than worth the time and materials. I promise. The second slot, you can either go with guild gems or hero king. Personally, I would choose the guild gems even though they are a bit harder to get because they take time and you have to collect 900 guild coins for the 3 of them. Hero King with enough Item drop rate can be obtained quickly if you are strong enough to do the TAID. Both options give 5% basic stat boost, making them a very important addition. As for the third slot, this one is a little tricky. You can use the hero gems (Iris, Muwen, and Dark Moon) if you can get your hands on them. Or Kanzo's Third Agasura Gems... If you can get your hands on them. The kanzo gems are the newer and preferable option. But I don't suggest wasting time hunting all 3 down. Depending wheater you decide to go with a physical or magical class. You should focus on getting either the Red (physical) and Yellow or Blue (Magical) and yellow. You only need 2 of the gems to get the set bonus. 4th slot gems, I can only really recommend the Hero gems once again. The 5th slot is tricky too. If you choose the hero king gems for your second slot, you will need the rainbow hero king gem (5th slot) as well to get the set bonus. If you choose the guild gems, however, you can freely use and 5th slot gem you like. I personally would prefer an Agasura nightmare Gem, but this is also a bit of a challenge to obtain. Also, when it comes to enchanting gems that are harder to come by, make sure you have multiple of said gem before doing so. Example. For the guild gem, since I was a magic user. I farmed around 1500 guild coins and bought 2 extra blue gems just in case 1 broke. I would have something to fall back on.

Accessories. In the beginning, you can quest to obtain the newbie accessories. Or if you have level 10 crafting. Make your accessories. After you get to level 200, you have the option to farm mutant monsters who drop materials to make newer and better accessories. Before the goddess update, the mutant accessories were the best you could get. But now they have added the ones you can obtain from the new synagogue dungeon. (Endgame content) So you won't have to worry about those for awhile. I suggest after 200 focusing on the mutant ones. The mutants are located in different areas of the game. Storm Watcher Ruins, Royal Dragon Palace, and Aurora Forest (only accessible after level 207). The mutants are found on the 3rd map of each of these locations. The materials they drop are specific for the accessories too. Storm watcher is for the glasses, bindi, and stockings. Royal Dragon Palace is for the earrings, cloak, and ring. Lastly, Aurora forest is for the belt. These accessories are quite easy to craft but have a 50% success rate for upgrading. While the belt is only 30%.