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I think there should be a guide for rebirth, here is my experience:

I have 5300 reputation
Caribean tickets
10+ empty slots
I unequipped everything from my set
30 kall

Talk to godess and with the 1th rebirth and nothing

When the npc shot the stone, rebirth I could not drop it, that's fine, but I could not be reborn it says "requeriments no mate"

Thanks for the help Big Grin
What is your characters name? I will check if you meet the requirements.

Small quick guide

Buy "Goddes Favor" from Icicle Reputation Exchanger
Go to Heaven using the caribbean tour ticket
Go to the npc "Stones" purchases 1st rebirth stone
Take ALL your items off including rings and neck
Go to "rebirth angel" click on which class you wish to be after rebirth
Go rebuy your skills and readd the stat points again

Also check out the guides we have on the website!
" ohrru " its the name

I did everything you said in the guide, now I do not have 30 kals I only have 20 of the 50 T_T