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hi . im totally new . can someone point to a thread for a total noob to start ? i played this game a long long time ago now i dont really know what to do. chat is always on, i cant up and down camera , etc .. where to to level, how to start .. tnx
basically get ur newbie set from chests, go to HH if u can or ask someone to level you. To get gems and money, go to CA the first 15 minutes and kill the chests with a high amp on and collect all the gems, once chests are killed exit ca, sell the gems you dont need and keep the gems you do, refs, colos, strikes, rages, or whatever and re enter CA for the next chests spawn. And when you can go to HC after lv 115 to lvl to 135, stay lv 135 and get kylin +18 with max gem lv being lv 6, or as close as you can to that, do language barrier quest, buy like 8 stacks of dough, go to CT and farm 10m notes, buff notes, and bd gem scrolls. Keep the buff notes or sell them, open the 10m notes, and open the bd scrolls, keep the gems you want/need and sell the rest to npc.
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