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Raid - The Beast's Lair
[Image: QIMPXex.png]
(Raid_2 Version 1.0)

Note: All Mini Bosses use the new Boss AI
Additional Information:
Map times: Friday & Saturday, 1PM - 9PM server time
Portal Cords:
2232,2790 Argent City
[Image: I4mWkle.png]
1.) Kill 2 Mini Bosses
[Image: 0rggUZP.png][Image: 6237cxh.png]

2.) Kill the Frenzy Warlord Yeti

3.) Kill the Raid Dragon 
[Image: Nv4JeT5.png]

[Image: VY6ukIG.png]
[Image: BIRf6Kv.png]

[Image: WsUYS9g.png]
[Image: iphkxPM.png]
Yellow Lines(s) - Correct Path(s)
White Dot(s) - Raid Dragon
Black Dot(s) - Mini Bosses
Blue Dot(s) - Portal to Raid Room
Green Dot(s) - From Portal to Spot

[Image: nEX8mx1.png]

[Image: 3mSglZp.png][Image: UQJTcTe.png]
[Image: Di0yNd4.png][Image: BoTykbN.png][Image: Znh53bj.png][Image: okt5haU.png]

[Image: FiNP90E.png]
(Runic Kylin App)

[Image: wIskZMW.png][Image: dBNtq8U.png][Image: oHo11Cw.png][Image: fOEkhXT.png]
Note: Set Bonus : (Could be changed in the future)
+10 Str
+10 Agi
+10 Spr
+10 Con
+10 Acc

[Image: RqoDvSC.png]
[Image: Lj78U64.png][Image: M7HUJQr.png]

[Image: YKh3ZSQ.png]
Obtain the new Wyvern Helmets?
You will need to obtain 50x Wyvern Shards from the new Raid. Then exchange them for the crystal at the Raid NPC located at Argent Fountain.

Obtain the new Wyvern Shards?
There is currently 2 ways to obtain the shards .
 1.) Kill the Raid Dragon and he drops
2.) Participating in the new Raid and meeting your class DMG requirement.(It isn't a 100% chance to obtain a shard)

Obtain the new "Runic Kylin App"?
You will need to first obtain the "Raid Dragon Alter"
Then you will need to farm the new Power of's  and Raid Angelic Dice.
After you have farmed the Power of items you will double click the Power of "Flame" and feed it to the alter.(Has fail chance)
Each time the Power of items fail adds +1 Curse Point to the alter. You will need to feed the Raid Angelic to the Alter to remove the Curse Points.(Dice have a fail chance)
Once All Seals are set to 0 and there is 0 curse points on the Alter you will need to Sacrifice 1x Lv9 BD Gem. 
Lv9 Black Dragon Eye = Runic Kylin App Set
Lv9 Black Dragon Soul = Runic Kylin App Set 
Lv9 Black Dragon Heart = Runic Kylin App Set 

Obtain Raid Power of {Flame,Thunder,Frost,Wind} and Raid Angelic Dice?
Every mob outside of the Raid Maze drops the Raid Powers and Raid Angelic Dice.

[Image: wsTqri9.png]
Tribal Zones:
There are 2 Different Tribal Zones.
Each Location has a boss and tribe protectors.
Each Boss Has a chance to drop a "Raid Power Pack" Which contains 5x of each power and 5x Raid Angelic Dice.
[Image: 6kG797R.png]
a question,can enter with this hat and app in CT?
vitorfc1;34890 Wrote:a question,can enter with this hat and app in CT?

The new hats are currently disabled for use in CT if it is working as intended.
 [Image: cGeBalQ.png]
can enter with runic app in ct?