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Video Event 2016
Hey guys,

As posted in the event news post, we're hosting another video event this year.
Please post all video submissions in this thread. 

Duration: October 1st, 2016 - November 10th, 2016 [EXTENDED]
Judging: November 11th
Prize Handouts: November 12th, 2016

In this event, players will create a video for Rage of Sage Online. Here's a few guidelines:
1. Only 1 Video per Person
2. Video must be between 1 - 4 minutes
3. All video content must be from in-game
4. Must be posted on YouTube with the following title:

"Rage of Sage Online - Fall Cinematography" 
- For the "tags", put "Rage of Sage Online, Tales Of Pirates Private Server 2016, ROSO"

5. Showcase the server in a positive light, and include as much information as you see fit.
6. If you wish to make a satirical video, it needs to be apparent that it is indeed satirical. 
7. Use our - server introduction - at the start of the video.
Note: Right click the video, "Save video as" then import it into your video project using whichever editing software you choose.

Videos will be judged according to, but not limited to, these points:
- Apparent time and effort put into the video
- Quality of the video (bonus points for special effects, but not needed)
- Adequately showcases the server in a positive light

Video Judges:
- [Admin]Elixir
- [HD]Axel
 [Image: cGeBalQ.png]
Please remember to keep posts on-topic in this thread. I will be removing any irrelevant posts that I come across.
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I Am [-Pro*Girl-] or [-Adrenaline-]

Watch in 720p and 1080p HD!
Hi! Couldn't resist the temptation


720p and 1080p HD Available for your enjoyment!

Character name: -Akx-
[Image: 23jkh0x.jpg]

Luisa RLZ Productions
Hey, I've had some rendering issues, but i finally posted my video. 
I dnt care if event is over, i just want the fame ofc. 
(Its a troll video obviously, most of its content is to be taken with a large smile)
Its the first video i've ever done, so it explains the poor quality and the terrible editting. It was fun tho.

(I know its longer than 4min, but i couldn't express my feelings about this server in less than that)

link :

Character name : IVIara
Quick update: we're extending the duration until the 10th of November. If you'd like to make any changes to your video, you may. In addition, if you've not yet submitted a video, you have until the 10th to create & submit your video if you wish to participate.
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@IVIara please update your video it shows this .
"This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."
Axel;34889 Wrote:@IVIara please update your video it shows this .
"This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

Copyright issue hahaha 
I'll post it again before Nov 10th Smile
I couldn't reuopload it on youtube as some of the main video extract were corrupted for some reason.
Therefore I have uploaded the roiginal version on Dailymotion :
I hope everyone can see it.

The previous video on Youtube is only blocked in USA
Winner list:
1st Place -- xLuisaRLZx
2nd Place -- boos265
3rd Place -- IVIara

Private messages will be sent regarding your prizes shortly. You'll need to respond regarding your choice between two different prizes.
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If only 3 ppl post videos, there's no point making a top 3 o.o
Just reward the first