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[Guide] Tower of Terror
Tower of Terror

(Guide from my own experience to those who ask me how to get money)

Tower of Tower is a unique map of farming, where you have to fight against waves of mobs that will kill you if you are not prepared.
I advice reading this update log, where you will find the basic rules and mechanics that apply in ToT.
Tower of Terror (ToT) is one of the best way to make money, as you will be able to farm ~30b in 20-30mins of ToT.

I.  How to exploit ToT

ToT is a map that fits very well with merchants, because of their Area of Effect (aoe) attacks, their ability to regain health easily, and their high dodge rate, that will allow them to deal with large amounts of mobs without dying.

You can enter ToT with 5 characters at most, and they will all get rewarded at the end.
The best way to be efficient is to make a lv135 merchant, 2 lv135 crusaders, and 2 lv135 SharpShooter. You will kill all the mobs with your merchant , while you’ll have to keep all your other chars in stealth in a corner.
Your Merchant doesn’t have to be perfectly gemmed, transfering your set from cruz/ss to merch is usually fine enough. You just have to make sure you can kill the mobs in 1 « Mytho Transmutat » skill. More STR will only make the mobs stronger when they hit you.
Completing ToT with 5 accounts will get you around 200 unseal cape crystal (10-15b)

II. Crystal Missions

Doing ToT is long and annoying, so you want to get the most money out of it.
Most of the ToT money comes from Crystal Missions, that you can get in the IGShop Administrators npc :  Shaitan 893,3570 / Argent 2216,2771 / Icicle 1300,495
Warning : Once accepted, you can't abandon it, so be careful.
The Crystal Missions you want to take are the ones that reward you for reaching lv20+ Floor in ToT

[Image: 2hhqf43.jpg]

Don’t accept any other missions. You might not get the right mission, and you’ll  have to wait 30mins. To solve this problem, you can have multiple accounts lv135 with different classes, so when one doesn’t get the quest, another can take it, avoiding you 30mins of waiting. For example, i have 4 lv135 crusader , 4 lv135 SharpShooter and 2 lv135 Merch.
Completing ToT with 5 accounts will get you a bit more than 1000 IGS (~15b).

III. Completing ToT

Before entering ToT, make sure your SharpShooters and Crusaders chars are in stealth. Then bring them in a corner, i recommend the Exit Zone (of course don’t bring your merch there, or you will exit the map). Remember to always keep them in stealth all the time (stealth last for 2 mins)

(I also recommend having some cool background music)

My setup to do ToT:
[Image: 16s29i.jpg]

At the begining of every Floor, place your merch on the center, wait for all the nearby mobs to gather on you, then use Ecliptic Shieldi to regain the health you just lose, and use Mytho Transmutat to kill them. Then kill all the mobs that are still alive, begining with those on the bottom right section of the map, to protect your alts. Make sure you use the Health Zones at the end of every round, and that your skills aren't on cooldown when you kill the last mob.
There are only 2 types of mobs that are dangerous for you, its « Terror Hunter » and « Terror Phyllis », because they will hit you more thant the others, and do critical hits. To kill them, catch as many of them as you can in your Ecliptic Shieldi and Mytho Transmutat, get some rest in the corners, and kill them little by little. They are also dangerous because they can kill your alts easily if one of them stop stealthing.

I recommend marrying your merch when you start to have some money, it will help you finish ToT faster.

You should be able to complete ToT without troubles, and even tho its very boring to do, it will make you rich !

Remember that you can do it with another merch, losing 1 reward, but gaining some time (and its funnier too).

Feel free to post suggestions to improve this little guide !