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[Guide] Kylin/Fearless Sigil
How to craft Kylin/Fear Sigil
I. What are Sigils ?
Sigils are items that allow you to get Fear or Kylin effect, without wearing a specific apparel. They are not tradeable, even with Item Transfer Letter.
Remember that the Fear effect is Kylin effect + BD effect
Kylin Set Effects
10% chance to stun target for 1 sec.
1% chance of mini heal.
(Kylin rates adjusted by Elixir)
BD Set Effect
- Crusader: about 20-30% chance of x2 long stunning your enemies.
- SharpShooter: 10% chance of 25k damage dealt with headshot.
- SealMaster: 50% chance of x2 long both meele and magic seals.
- Voyager: 80% chance of x1.5 of the normal damage dealt with lighthing bolt.
- Champion: about 15% chance of x3 of the normal damage dealt with primal rage.
- Cleric: 50% chance of reduction of the damage received to x0.5.
Note that the BD effects have been upgraded by [Admin]Rage , however exact figures haven't been told.
It seems like SS’s BD effect isn’t useful at all, as HeadShot is never used. To be confirmed….

II. Requierements 
To craft your Sigil, you will need :
_370 fairy coins (not hard to get tbh..)
_360 elven signets (market price is 1-2b per stack)
_The blueprint for the Sigil you want*
_The Apparel corresponding to the sigil you want

[Image: 2193wpk.jpg]

*You can buy it for almost nothing from players, but you need to be careful when you make the trade, the blueprint must have 1 usage, if there are 0, you won’t be able to make the sigil.
You can also get it by yourself, by oppening Novice / Standard or Elite Blueprint, that are
obtainable from the Eden Map, or by killing the following mobs :
-Snowman Warlord / Pirate Captain 008 / Elder Wyvern / Black Dragon / Deathsoul Commander / Artic Witch / Crushor / Slitherslime / Morbidos
Check Game Database on Website for more info on those badboys

III. Crafting
Be very careful when you do it, its VERY EASY to mess it up, so be focused.
Head to Argent City, and visit Grocery – Jimberry at 2232,2731
[Image: 2db458z.jpg]
[Image: f4loyb.jpg]
[Image: 2mhu92t.jpg]
Repeat until you get 20 life skill points                         And buy Woodcutting Skill, then put it lv10
[Image: 2uescxz.jpg]                                   [Image: 2rc0937.jpg]  

Then buy lv1 Manufacturing Guide, and use it

[Image: 14t3nd0.jpg]
When you are done,  teleport to Icicle Castle , go talk to Fairy Merchant 1371,589, and exchange your fairy coins and elven fruits for lv2-7 Manufacturing guides . Use them one by one, being careful everytime if it works or not. If one fails, you’ll have to buy the guide again.

[Image: aujuky.jpg]

When you have your Manufacturing lv7, go to Shaitan ‘s Pet Mall at 900,3547.

[Image: 24myu76.jpg]

Buy lv8-10 Manufacturing guide, and use them
Now you should have lv10 Manufacturing.
Stay in Shaitan, and go to 876,3647, and talk to that giant green tube called « Substance Generator »

[Image: c0xlt.jpg]

You don’t have to wait between pressing Start and Stop, it will work anyway.
Now that you have your Sigil, place it in your 4th inventory slot, and type /temp in local chat.

[Image: 124da1t.jpg]

And thats it J you are good to go, have fun
BD Effect for Voy is tremendously less than 80% , on 50 bolt I got 6 BD effect , and somehow it procs rarer on champs than it does on mobs .
VortexPhobia;34646 Wrote:BD Effect for Voy is tremendously less than 80% , on 50 bolt I got 6 BD effect , and somehow it procs rarer on champs than it does on mobs .

Interesting ! Have you been running precise tests? Was the BD Bolt exactly 1.5x dmg?

My rates come from this :
but like i said, GMs have changed those effects, so its hard to know the exact figures...
The dammage is roughly x3.5 , the percent rate is 7-10% out of the hudred bolts I did.
so, then when I have the sigil the fearless effect will work, no matter what apparel I fuse the fearless set to?

for example, I can fuse my fearless set to superman set and make it 120% and the effect will still work? Smile
Yes, it is the purpose of Sigils
Guys how do i get the item Novice / Standard ou Elite Blueprint?
I WAS Eden More there do not drop mobs items
You have to complete Eden and its 1 of the possible rewards.
However I would suggest just buying the sigil BP from players as it's very cheap nowadays

EDIT : PM me ingame (IVIara) if you have trouble getting sigil BP, i'll give them free