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Custom App Clean-up
Hey guys, I have some great news:

First off, thanks for all the great custom apparels you guys have made / submitted over the years. As a player, I've seen some really great apparels show up, and I'm pretty impressed. But, back in the day not everything was documented. We didn't exactly keep a record of who owned what apparel, when it was added, and who was authorized (by the creator) to use the apparel. So, I'm creating a database, and I need your guys' help. If you have purchased / created a custom apparel in-game, please send me a message regarding that. If I have already contacted you in-game, or via Skype for some of you, please disregard this portion of the post. Inside you should include:

- Your apparel name

- Your character name

- People who you have authorized to use your apparel

This will help with something in the next patch, so I promise it has a purpose. ( if you ever lose your app for whatever reason, you'll be able to get it returned easily through me at any-time in-game.)

In addition to creating this database, I will be working to make a list of apparels that are broken / bugged (yes, I'm looking at you unchained), or who no longer have an owner (banned). These apparels may be removed later to clear up space for new apparels. However, this does not mean that custom apps purchases are back open at this time. When we are able to add more, a staff member will make a post regarding it.

Also, I will be working on cleaning up apparels in-game. This means that if you do not own an apparel, but got it somehow (through Rage accidentally, or any other means) and are not authorized by the owner to use that apparel, I will have to take it. People purchase custom apps for many reasons. Maybe to stand out, be unique, or just look awesome. Regardless of the reason, they purchased the apparel with the intention of controlling who got that apparel. (However, as far as I know, the sale of custom apps in-game will remain legal, and if you bought one from someone, I will not take it.) This means that I will be hunting down people who are using apparels that are not theirs. It's not fair to the owners that people are using something they did not purchase the rights to. If you own an apparel, and find someone that you did not give your apparel to using it, please send me a message so I may resolve the issue.


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does this mean our sexy naked apps will go away? cause i wanna stay nude
'Scuse me while I mass delete your replies. Come on guys, this was just to explain the news about custom apparels. Why you gotta turn it into a flame topic?
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