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Forum rules
I've added 2 new sections to our forum to keep the flaming, Racist/Sexist insults to a 0.

After reading this post the forum will change alot and if you don't like the new set rules of the forum

you may leave or we can help you leave. It's okay either way you'll be off the forum.

Rule's of Shout Box:

Any rude insulting jokes/flames/swearing will be screened and posted in a reporting section i'm adding.

If you do it againn a staff warns you. So basicly, 2 warnings, and be banned. You will lose your account off forum and won't be allowed to enjoy the fun we have here.

Rule's of the Forum:

Any post's other then the Fun section that have any insults/flames/swearing and or ETC. Will also be screened and reported in the report section.

Acount Sharing:

You guys know that if you share your account ingame, its at your own risk right? Well the same goes for the forum. Accountsharing isnt a bad thing, but if something does wrong with your forumacc, then its on your own responsibility.

Each user will have 2 warning's each before banning starts. ADMIN/GM/HD/FM can see how many warnings the player has had, so no missunderstandings will be made.

Please enjoy yourself on our Rage of Sage Forum.

Credit's to:

GrandpaTurtle/May/Justin Frost/Danzer

For idea's for forum and also helping around the forum.

Thank you,

Rage of Sage StaffTeam!
Be Yourself, And I Promise People Will Enjoy It; & If They Don't, Forget Them.

- Mitchell Davis ♥

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