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My nab retextures.
I've edited it myself O.O

I don't understand, but still i do lmao xD

I hope u get in control of those .lgo files.
What program is that ?? i want to make a app but i need to find a program that will atchaly work .. photo shop is gay
if your smart which I doubt that your not maybe look at pic it fisplay the name of program
[Image: 2nw5u.jpg]
That's just a regular 3D modeling software.

You can also use meshlab and stuff like that one, but you won't be able to open .lgo files anyways
[Image: hDuSJp5.png]
So you can't color my fear set?

... then i gotta do it myself... and i suck at it.
[quote name='Sebastian' timestamp='1370190754' post='25349']

Yeah it is, and I put some "Daedric Armor" textures over it.

For those who don't know, it's an armor from Skyrim (Best game ever)

I was actually just testing those textures, today i'll try working a bit more on the daedric one.

[/quote] I know, I know, its late but; truly... The BEST GAME EVER!!!
Stress is caused by giving a fuck.

[Image: vaping-and-blowing-rings.gif]
o.o this topic...

Damn I was noob lol

Rextexturing fearless is as easy as any other app xD

I got .lgo and .obj convertors but I stopped trying to change models a looong long time ago o.o
[Image: hDuSJp5.png]