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Im out of ROSO & EVENT.
First of all, thanks to Derick by giving me the oportunity of being part of staff in this awesome server. Thanks to all my friends who were part of me in Roso, i dont need mention no one<3.

Thanks to all who hates me <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/wub.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':wub:' /> .

Im not leaving because i want, I'm addicted to this server so bad, but i got accepted in Dean International Aviation School, Miami, FL. And my lazyness life has come to the end. Sorry if i did anything wrong. Sorry if i didn't help someone. Sorry if i ignored some people, but working with this amont of people that plays roso, is not easy.. you get sick sometimes and i kinda understand derick lol.

But before i go, i want to do a little event, even when i suck doing events. but wont be so bad, just because of the rewards.

The event will be named [size=5]THE BLACK MARKET.[/size]

Cash is not worth anymore for 1 hour in server. The money in roso will be named "Elven Fruits". this will be the item that will worth in roso for 1 hour. (You get it by killing Lv1. Mystic Shrubs outside of any city).

I will have some items, and i will be selling them in System chat. Your participation in this event will be offering/bidding for the item you want.


I say in system chat: S> Vip Set Chest. People in world will give their offers. ( With elven fruits of course! ) The highest offer will win the item. ( ONLY OFFERS IN ELVEN FRUITS ALLOWED).

Those people who give offers without having the amount of elven fruits, will be jailed forever.[size=4] If someone offer 5 stack of elven fruits and he dont have that amount with him, he will get permantly jailed.[/size]

[size=4]The items i will be selling are:[/size]

(Equips Clean)

-Rage Equips (Swords/Armour/Gloves/Boots)

-Sage Equips (Armour/Gloves/Boots)

-Fear Equips (Armour/Gloves/Boots)

-Roso Rings

-Master Neck

-Lv150 Pet

-Rage Master Gems

-Roso Gem lv9.

-Chipped Gem of Rage ( Random levels )

-Hydrus Set Chest

-Hypnos Set Chest

-Hercules Set Chest

-Legendary Wings

[size=4][size=5]AND A SUPER DUPER UB3R SURPRISE!. (Guess what is?) [/size][/size]

The event will be hosted on September 28th, 2013. 7:00PM Server Time. (Which means you have 5 days to farm elven fruits)