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Marriage Guide
Well when I wanted to get married i did not know how do it and i cant find any guide so i am going to help you get married =) and yes gay marriage is allowed Lets go GM rage huh equality =)

First off you are going to need valentine ring it is obtainable from the Item mall. The price is 5 imps or 10-20b in game.

[Image: mYLqZ6W.jpg]

Next step is to look for somebody to marry you can marry your alt or somebody else it does not matter.

After you have a significant other you have to buy the apparels; Dark royal set (Lance) Ami Wedding dress, Phyllis wedding dress, and (Not sure on this I will check) Phylis Bruce set for champions.

[Image: 7uV6Hax.jpg]

[Image: RdkYOu9.jpg]

[Image: FVL0DH6.jpg]

[Image: KnUZ02i.jpg]

Now After you got your apparels you will have to go to the nun in shaitan 824, 3535 talk to her and take the ticket it will cost 300k Click on the ticket after you get it.

[Image: aNZerWt.jpg]

[Image: jvcLNXj.jpg]

Enter on the red circle or portal in game. located at 194 166

[Image: HHNRLCb.jpg]

Now after you are inside the church make your party with your significant other and talk to the priest and get married after that you will get a marriage certificate. You get Extra movement speed and +15 all stat i believe i will check on rage about the stats.

[Image: AC6BV6D.jpg]

[Image: bAQHZLs.jpg]

[Image: 0a0gep8.jpg]

[Image: tDctfF0.jpg]

For the effects to work you must be on a party with somebody married and it must be in your inventory. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE IN A PARTY WITH YOUR WIFE/HUSBAND. You must also be on the same map.

If i miss something please do tell me so!

I apologize for the broken English. The marriage does add +15 all stat and a huge amount of movement speed. (Thank you -shelter- For confirming.
[center][Image: 1877.jpg][/center]

[center][Image: 26380.jpg][/center]

[center][Image: 69733.png][/center]
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how do you know which character you will teleport to, if more than 1 character in your party are married?
It depends... mmmmm example: My english is bad but ill try to explain to you.
1 - If you are the leader of PT -- If all your PT is in the same "region" and all are marriages, you will teleport to the first PT member.
2 - If you are the leader of PT -- If the first PT member is not in the same region, you will teleport to the second PT member, if the second PT member is not in the same region, you will teleport to the third, and so on ..
3 - If you are not the leader of PT -- If you are not the leader of PT you will teleport to the LEADER of PT, if the LEADER of PT is not in the same region, it would have been the same as in case 3, you will teleport to the first member.. if he does not either In the same region, Will happen the same thing I said in case 3.

[Image: BOKwYSt.png]
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