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How to UPGRADE Rage Weapons into 150!?
you will need these things

(1) Pouch of Melancholy

from where? check this

(2) Rage Weapon

from where? mall it!? (it cost 45imps) or buy it to other players (it cost 200b or more)

when you have these requirements..

1st thing to do is

your class* you need to check it because when you open the pouch it will give you the stone for upgrading the weapon(as what your class is)

2nd thing to do is

go to spring island or in dimension castle (to their NPC upgrader)

correct me if something is wrong thanks

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-Albert Einstein[/right]
and does it also work when the rage/sage weapon is already fused and 120%?
and what will happen to the gems and 120% ?
I´ll give you an example, imagine I have +27 rage swords fused 120%, once I upgrade them, I´ll obtain Hydro swords UNFUSED +27. Essentially, you´ll lose the effectiveness, but the gems are transferred into your new upgraded weapon.

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