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Need Help!!!
Hey guys,

I wanted some help as I am starting this game as soon as possible. I don't have money to buy mall points so can anyone please tell me if it's possible to become a top player in this game without malling?

Any help will be appreciated Big GrinDD

There are plenty of guides for beginners in this forums such as:

Just search in the guide section if you need more or ask directly in-game.

*Mostly all of the price related stuff will be outdated, you can ask the current price of any item in-game*

Good luck and enjoy m8.
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Mighty taco of justice [Image: BYqmm_UISYa31b_t0Gh8Tw.png]
thanks for the quick reply but I really wanted to know if I don't mall, will I be able to get the best equipment in game?

thanks again!!
All top-tier items are obtainable in-game in some form. The amount of time input by the player determines whether or not they achieve this goal.
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Perfect. Thanks!
just scam/hack players... for instant items rofl
right Sebastian? huahua